Help Me, Help Them

Dear Family, Friends and donors,

I have been Recently accepted to Peru Teaching Program, with Expand Peru. Expand Peru, a non-profit organization, was legally created on the 16th of September in the year 1999, Please check this link to learn more about it

Through Expand Peru, I will be making the journey of 3 months to Huancayo, Peru starting in July 2013, to participate as a volunteer in their Peru Teaching Program. Not only will I be realizing my dream of travelling overseas, but I will also be helping children that have been devastated by poverty and poor conditions. I will be involved in listening, teaching, and writing to and with the children.
I have already begun planning, researching and saving. But I will also need your help. I am looking to meet a fundraising goal of $4,000 to pay for my airfare and my program fee. Your donations will be helping those kids attain a better education, get clothes, books and pens. You will be helping me give them those needs and teach them. I believe that education can change the world, I believe in the power of Education.

I’m a highly motivated, positive and energetic 23-year-old who is currently studying Translation at the American University of Science and Technology. I freelance as a translator and work a full-time job while studying and make just enough to cover my tuition fees. I hope to study Linguistics in MIT in the future.Thank you for helping me reach my goals and I can’t wait to come back and share stories from what I hope will be a life-changing experience. My dream come true would be meeting Dr.Noam Chomsky.

For your donations, please contact me by email or phone :  ; 009613621785 –
Bank Account: 5264 3206 3534 6309 – Christelle Tabet Bank Audi SARL

Funds will cover : Ticket USD 1,800.00 (current ticket price) + 1500.00 USD (Program Fee) + buying books for the children and covering my expenses while in Peru for 3 months.

You can choose to donate:
– 20 USD for pens and teaching material
– 30 USD for books
– 50 USD or more for ticket and program fee.

Time limit for receiving funds is February 2013. Time is running!
Thank You and God bless,


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